3 years anniversary at the CatCafé!

Mike and I had our 3 years anniversary yesterday, we had the whole day for ourselfes and started off with going to the Cat Café! 15 cats in one place that you can pet and play with while you have a cup of coffee or chai tea. We were there for an hour, but it felt like forever. It was fun being with cats again, I miss my cats at home.
I love you so much you, we made it to Australia and now we have the whole world for ourselves! You make me so happy, I will never let you go ♥ it will be you and me and a big bunch of cats forever ♥♥♥  
Mike had a fight with a cat, the cat took Mikes toy and didn't wanna let go. Never hahahah. 
I got to buy a pusheen as a present and something to decrease my abstinence for cats haha. 
We had some cake after the catcafé and went to the city to see a movie. We went to see the new Zoolander 2 in a luxury cinema with big cozy seats, food and popcorn.    
Anniversary - Australia - Catcafé - Cats - Melbourne