Mike and I came along some of our friends to a beach-birthday-party for Nathan this weekend, we're leaving Byron soon so making the best of the time we have left. Beachpartys is the best partys, except all the sand...well sand is nice and soft here, but it's everywhere. It will follow you home and it'll even follow you in your dreams. That's sand. Sand...sand and ...sand. 
We was at Whites beach, it's like a 15-30 minutes ride with car from Byron Bay so mostly locals go there and know about it. The walk to the beach is down the mountain and going there is not hard, but you have to count that it takes 30 minutes to walk back. 
...and that only halfway down :D
First thing to do when you arrive at the beach: find wood. It'll be dark and cold at 6 or 7, then you'll find nothing. 
We made a fire and then it got dark, very dark. Didn't take any pictures exept on the night sky. I'll add the night sky in another post. 
We had a beutiful sunrise...for 15 minutes maybe.
Australia - Beach - Byron Bay - Party

Aww what a cute wee face 😊

Svar: Hahaha yeah always so cute x)
Nathalie Holmberg