Huntsman spider

It has happend a lot since I last posted anything here...we are working soo much and it's so annoying that I have to walk in to town to get internet..and then go back. The compuer is heavy you know. 
Anyways, we had a really adventurous day here some week or something ago. Mike threw a spider at me, a big one. He got the towels that had dried outside and didn't look before he threw them at me, or well beside me in the bed. I saw something big and brown coming with the towels..and knew it had to be a spider. It was a big huntsman, the biggest I've seen. I sat there in underwear so I couldn't get out of the tent, but I ran up and screamed like aaaah iih. Mike got a pillow and "crushed it"..but it didn't die from it. So as all boys do..he took a plate and a cup and captured it. 
And they fed it so it could grow even bigger..
Yeah, we are having a lot of fun here at the Arts Factory...:D

Haha! :)

Svar: x)
Nathalie Holmberg

Malin Wederberg

Jag hade nog sprungit ut i underkläderna! Haha. Snygg header du har!'

Svar: haha vi hade ett 8 mans tält så det var inte allt för farligt :) tackar ^^
Nathalie Holmberg

Robex Lundgren

finna bilder

Svar: tackar
Nathalie Holmberg

Fy för spindlar, galningar :P

Svar: jo tack, jag var nära på att inte åka med hit just pga spindlarna :p
Nathalie Holmberg


AH.. så läskigt!! :/

Svar: mjo, den var inte mysig :p
Nathalie Holmberg

Cassandra Haraldsson

Älskar din header!

Svar: tackar ^^
Nathalie Holmberg