I havn't seen that many snakes yet, even if this is the country of the many and very deady snakes. They are mostly hiding from us, in the jungle. With the spiders and all other creepy stuff. Don't go the jungle. 
Anyhow this is a Python, totally hurtless...or well no, not if it gets a bit bigger and if you get afraid of it and starts to shake, it can strangle you. And it can bite, but you will not die from the bite. It will just hurt a lot. Otherwise it's just cute! 
And then there's this snake...notice that no one is even poking on it. When you have a group of boys surrounding a snake and literally no one is even poking it, then you know it's deadly. This is the Red Belly Black Snake, just a baby. This is very venomous, specially the small ones cause they don't know how much venom to give to the victim. You do not want a bite from that, you're pretty dead then or at least have to get antivenom quick as hell.
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