Byron Bay

Hey all! We're alive, it's just that we have landed in Byron Bay and have been here for maybe two weeks. The internet here is shit. We live at the Arts Facory, a hostel were the internet costs maybe $4 per 15 mins..and it's slow from what I've heard. There's free internet at the travelagencys here in town thats like 5 mins walk from here, but we have been searching for jobs every time we've been there. I've sent a lot of photos to magazines that has taken a lot of time, so havn't really had time to blog. 
So here comes a post about all and everything here in Byron. (oh sorry by the way, enuedited photos)
This is what we live in. And for about one week we were sleeping basically on the ground couse we were too greedy to get a airmatress or something else. We got hands on a springmatress for $10 just a few days ago and got a pillow yesterday...we've been sleeping on our clothes haha. We use a sleeping sack as blanket. 
This is our frontyard. Trees, lots of trees and spiders. It's a nature reservatory so we can't touch it...not that I want to walk among spiders and creepy stuff tho... 
A part of the camping area we live at. 
Our friends here are a bit...funny x)
We havn't been to the beach on a nice day yet...we've been searching for work too much :(
But tomorrow is my birthday yeeey and we have planned to drink and go to the beach, but I'll probably not go in to the water cause it'll only be like +22 degree. We'll just sit there and chill, eat a icecream maybe. No work, just chillin. and drinking. haha.
I'll try to be better at blogging from now on, there is so much I want to show you like bush turkeys and water dragons; but I thought it would be better to give them posts for themselfes ;P 
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