Happy New Years!

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!! I had the best new years eve ever! It was a bit cold and rainy...but nothing like Sweden haha. We had a beach party with all jungle peaple of the Arts Factory it was amazing! I mean in what Sweden can you be at a beach in the middle of winter? haha! I didn't wanna bring my camera and shit to the party so no pictures unfortunately. 
My 2015 was probaply the best year so far, but I recon my 2016 will be even better! We're soon leaving Byron Bay for Melbourne, it will be awesoooome.
The best thing about new years was that we was out all night untill late after sunrise and then I called my mom to tell her Happy New Years 15 minutes before the clock hit 00:00 in Sweden!! Yeeey haha :D 
Haha I found these in the toilet, they had been there for days so I guess no one wanted them anymore. I look fabulous in them tho ;D
2016 - Australia - Byron Bay - New Year