No more jungle!

The last week past so fast that I can't even remeber what the heck I did that time. We left the jungle on the 19th, and that's why I've been so off lately, had to move tent, pack and prepare. So much to pack, we had to pay $90 on the airport, even tho we had payed extra for more luggage already, because we had too much stuff.
I will miss Byron Bay and the jungle people so much, it was a family. We will come back for sure, but we won't see the same people then. We'll meet all people here in our new place Melbourne tho; we'll be staying for almost 10 months, people will come and go and this is the place everyone want to see! 
This was the smallest groupphoto ever haha, usually there are twice as much peeps as in this one, but everyone was at the beach. We went a last time to the beach also, but not to swim. 
We took of with the flight at 10 later that night and went straight to Melbourne! We came to Melbourne at 2 or something that night so we slept at the airport untill 5 or 6, then took a cab over to the place were we was going to sleep. Mike had fixed a place to couchsurf at, but we should meet him at 10 so we found a park and slept a bt more in a big swing haha. Everything sorted out and we went for some sightseeing!
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