Christmas Day

Christmas at the Arts Factory was so much fun! I got my hair done the day before, so pretty now :D Everyone was running around with glitter, sparkles and googly eyes. 
We was partying all day and ended up at the lighthouse to see a moonset and a sunrise. People was firetwirling and just playing around with the moon setting in the background. It was so beautiful and fun! 
Here's my love firetwirling tihi! I have more videos, but other I wanted to upload was too big...ghhr. 
Australia - Byron Bay - Christmas

BeYou Skateboards

Had a photoshoot with Bella & Marvin for BeYou Skateboards.
I didn't get any behind the scenes from the walk up to the Lighthouse and the location after this one by a big graffiti wall, my photographer was with me but didn't do his job haha, nah was probably me that had forgo to charge my batteries. Here's some of the shots:
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Don't forget to check out my portfolio at for more. 
Australia - Byron Bay - Photography - Photoshoot

Heaps of fashion photoshoots

I've done heaps of fashion photoshoots with Bella, but without my behind the scenes photographer. I've been bad at taking bts myself also, we get too short amount of time always. I have to get better at taking some behind the scenes, my blog feels so boring as it is right now.
Here's some more of my work and also if you want to see all of my work head over to my portfolio at
Australia - Byron Bay - Fashion - Photography