Curriculum Vitae

Did a job for my boyfriends brother, he needed some pictures for his CV and they came out really great! :D
Job - Portrait

Blood moon

The blood moon, well I tried to get some nice pictures but my telezoom has seen its best days already. So sorry, i could not get those amazing photos :( 
i was also trying to get some pictures of the galaxy and the moon with the sars...but yeah I've forgot how to shoot stuff like that :P 
that breakdown of the quality tho... 
Blood moon - Moon

New camera

Bought a new camera, the Fujifilm x100T to have as a "take-photos-of-everyhing-camera" :) I am writing in english now cause it's not much time left before we go to Australia..need some practice as my english is not all. :P  
Camera - Fujifilm - Fujifilm x100t - New